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sorteio pepsi cola

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Pepsi-Cola receives its frist logo.
1939-The "Pepsi Pete" comic strip introduces the "Twice as much for a nickel" theme in newspapers.Soviet Premier Khrushchev and.S.Patent Office, Washington.C., and forms the first Pepsi-Cola Company.The drink is a hit and to attract even more sales, the company begins selling its 12-ounce drink for five cents (the same cost as six ounces of competitive colas).The development marks the first time recycled plastic is used quem ganhou prova do lider bbb15 ontem in direct contact with food in packaging.1982-Pepsi Free, a caffine-free cola, is introduced nationwide.Pepsi-Cola, being free of any such impurities, claimed they already met federal requirements.
The federal government passes the Pure Food and Drug Act, banning substances such as arsenic, lead, barium, and uranium, from food and beverages.
1996-In February of this year, Pepsi makes history once again, by launching one of the most ambitious entertainment sites on the World Wide Web.

1933-By the end of the year, Guth's new Pepsi-Cola Company is insolvent.1898-One of Caleb's formulations, known as "Brad's Drink a combination of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and cola nuts, is renamed "Pepsi-Cola" on August 28, 1898.Pepsi World eventually surpasses all expectations, and becomes one of the most landed, and copied, sites in this new media, firmly establishing Pepsi's presence on the Internet.1905-Pepsi-Cola's first bottling franchises are established in Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina.1943-Pepsi's theme line becomes "Bigger Drink, Better Taste." 1948-Corporate headquarters moves from Long Island City, New York, to midtown Manhattan.Vic Bonomo is named President of Pepsi-Cola.The Loft candy company acquires the National Pepsi-Cola Company.Diet Pepsi is reformulated with NutraSweet (aspertame) brand sweetener.
1960-Young adults become the target consumers and Pepsi's advertising keeps pace with "Now it's Pepsi, for those who think young." 1962-Pepsi receives its new logo, the sixth in Pepsi history.